• Tour examples

    Jerusalem – a must
    The Old City to include the Jewish Quarter, Cardo, see Jerusalem Walls from various periods, The Western Wall, via Dolorosa and Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the holiest site for all Christians. See the Dome of the Rock and al-Aksa Mosque. Visit the suburbs and see the public buildings – Knesset, Israel Museum, University, Yad Vashem, etc

    Masada – our heritage
    Visit the ancient Herodian palaces and see the Roman siege camps. Hear the story of the Jewish Revolt against the Romans and reason for their actions.

    Golan – water
    Travel to the Golan and understand the importance of this area to Israel’s existence – water. and more…………….

    Follow in the footsteps of the Crusaders. We can begin at the Crusader Kingdom Port of Acre (where Marco Polo arrived in 1272 on his trip to the Orient). Then Yehiam Castle, and to Montfort Castle, the Teutonic Knights headquarters. Additional castles in excellent condition are the Ayyubid fortress Nimrod and Belvoir Castle built by the ‘Order of the Hospitaller Knights’. Crusader Jerusalem and many other sites…..

    Walk in the footsteps of Jesus
    Adrian Wolff will accompany you from The Last Supper Room on Mt. Zion, to the Betrayal site at Gethsemane, the Stations of the Cross on the via Dolorosa and the Crucifixion site in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Quotations from the Christian Bible will be given during this chronological walk.

    Sea of Galilee/Kinneret
    This route can be made on a bicycle.
    Follow the route of Jesus’ mission .
    Start at the Church on Mt. of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, to Tabgha, visit the Church of the Multiplication of fish and bread, the Chapel of the Primacy of St. Peter where Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee, continue to Capernaum, the city of Jesus where Jesus preached in what is now known as the House of St.Peter. Kursi, site of the Miracle of the Swine is one of the largest Byzantine churches in Israel. Eat a St. Peters fish lunch on the waters of the Kinneret at Kibbutz Ein Gev, and ride leisurely to Yardenit, where all Baptism facilities are offered to end a memorable day.

    Battle sites, ancient synagogues
    Visit the restored ancient village at Katzrin with its ancient synagogue and model house, see for yourself the strategic importance of the Golan at various Observation Points; and Six-Day and Yom Kippur War battle sites. Discover where the Syrians built a canal to prevent rain and snow waters reaching the Kinneret. Walk to Gamla, the Masada of the north where in AD 67 over 5000 Jews plunged to their deaths rather than be enslaved or killed by the Romans during the Jewish Revolt.